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Kids & Babies

Babies and kids have extremely delicate skin that needs protection and calming when irritated. We have created a diaper cream to soothe rash and irritation, and a line of gentle cleansing and caring products for babies’ and kids’ sensitive skin.


Mothers have special requirements during their pregnancy. We have developed  two products to help mothers-to-be take special care of their skin when it needs to stretch. Our body cream and oil help maintain elasticity and avoid stretch marks.

“The Mama soft cream is gorgeous, I love it and the oil is wonderful for my growing tummy, like balm. My skin expands very well with it and is totally supple. No stretch marks to see and I am in my 25th week!”

Michaela Gehrig, Coburg – Bavaria


Our Story

Nature is our role model and our passion. Nature provides us with all its richness in ingredients to protect and nourish our skin. Some 15 years ago I started to research the ingredients of what I was putting on my head, in response to an irritating condition of my scalp that kept coming back.   What I found encouraged me strongly to look for alternatives. So I started to experiment with natural ingredients, at first only for myself, family and friends.

The more I found and experimented, the more I became fascinated by nature’s richness in resources for our human skin. So I decided to create skin care that makes our skin stay soft, soothe when it is irritated and takes magnificent care or our skin in all kinds of conditions. The result of this is LaLinda Natural Skin Care.

If your skin could talk, it would say:
“Thank you for these wonderful products”.

Our Philosophy

Nature is our role model

The magnificent surroundings of The Alps are both our role model and our source for pure mountain spring water. We believe our skin deserves the best that nature has to offer.

The Alps provide us with crystal clear mountain spring water and many other pure ingredients for our products. We only use gentle plant extracts and flower essences like rose, witch-hazel, pure aloe vera, etc. They have a caressing and hydrating effect on skin. Essential oils like almond oil or jojoba oil make skin elastic and soft.

Our products are made from natural, sustainable and biologically degradable ingredients. LaLinda Natural Skin care is based on the latest dermatological findings. We combine them with ancient skin care recipes and pure herbal essences.

“Your skin is our passion. LaLinda natural skin care products are created with nature’s best and with love”.

“I am enthusiastic about the great products for both mother and baby. After applying the Mama Soft, my skin is super soft and fresh, even the baby soft are great and nourish the delicate skin of my baby Glen.”

Melissa Hannawald – Munich


Nature is our role model

If you went looking for allergen fragrances, parabens, animal substances or mineral oils, you would not find them in our products.

LaLinda Baby Soft

Our baby and kiddy products protect and nourish baby and kiddy skin.
Diaper cream to soothe diaper rash for betterment of baby’s bottom.
Face cream to protect baby from wind, cold, dryness and pollution.
Bath oil for gentle cleansing, complemented by body oil after the bath.


Baby Soft
Diaper Cream
50 ml

Organic wild rose oil is an active ingredient in all our baby soft products. Diaper cream for baby’s bottom.  Suited for daily use to prevent rash or irritation. Buy Now…

Face cream_600px

Baby Soft
Face Cream
50 ml

For baby’s protection from pollution, wind and cold. For delicate baby skin with aloe vera, almond oil and cocoa butter. Also suited for extremely sensitive adult skin. Buy Now…


Baby Soft
Bath Oil
200 ml

This oil is designed to be added to your baby’s bath for gentle cleansing and nourishing of baby’s delicate skin. It protects and soothes your baby’s skin. Buy Now…


Baby Soft
Body Oil
200 ml

Formulated for baby’s sensitive skin, the oil is a moisturizer and nourishing supplement for delicate and sensitive skin. It is perfectly suited for regular use. Buy Now…

LaLinda Kiddy Soft

We’ve created recipes that are enriched with innovative natural agents and vitamins
to take magnificent care of our skin in all kinds of conditions.

Body lotion for tender protection and moisturizing of kid’s skin,
shampoo and body wash with palm extracts and aloe vera for gentle cleansing.

Suited for children and adults alike.

LaLinda Kiddy Soft Body Lotion

Kiddy Soft
Body Lotion
200 ml

A tender moisturizing lotion for kids from baby age on to even adults with ultra-sensitive skin. A light and nourishing lotion to protect skin form dryness. Suited for daily use. Buy Now…

LaLinda Kiddy Soft Shampoo & Body Wash

Kiddy Soft
Hair & Body Wash
200 ml

A gentle shampoo made with aloe that cleanses even the most sensitive and delicate skin and hair. Ideal for children and the entire family. Suited for anyone with sensitive skin. Buy Now…

LaLinda Mama Soft

For mommies to be we have created a nourishing body treatment cream and a gentle body oil.
It helps the skin stay hydrated and elastic.
For best results apply them daily during pregnancy.


Mama Soft Face
& Body Cream
200 ml

A nutritive cream for growing tummies with grape seed oil, shea butter and aloe vera actively aids skin to stay elastic. For best results use in combination with Mama Soft Oil. Apply Mornings on belly, breasts, thighs and hips. Buy Now…


Mama Soft
Body Oil
200 ml

This nutritive body oil contains nutrient rich essential oils including almond oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and vitamin E, it keeps mothers stressed skin soft, elastic and hydrated. Best results when used daily. Buy Now…

Shine Products

Deep moisturizing skin care

Shine Pflegecreme für anspruchsvolle Haut

Deep Moisturizing Cream
200 ml

Deep Moisturizing Cream – LaLinda Natural Skin Care – Vegan Natural Increases Skin Hydration by 28% on average – 200 ml from the Alps. Buy Now…

LaLinda shine Handcreme

Hand Cream
50 ml

Nourishing hand cream for a hydrated velvety touch. Buy Now…

Maren Cosmetics

“Sea for the skin“

MAREN stands for innovative cosmetics
based on new, unique active ingredients from the sea.

Its effects are visible after a short treatment period,
for example, on acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis,
rosacea, wrinkles, cellulite
and many other skin-related problems.

“I have such sensitive skin that I have tried everything and I have not tolerated anything. I’ve been so happy since I discovered Lalinda. Mama Soft makes me happy every day. Recommend it to everyone, I’m a dermatologist myself.”

Dr. Ana Roman – Wien

Our Partners


few words from the founder, Linda:

“Your skin is our passion. LaLinda natural skin care products are created with nature’s best and with love”.

At LaLinda we believe that natural skin care should caress, nourish and protect your skin. We love skin and constantly strive for innovative natural recipes for YOUR skin.


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