We have spent several year researching and testing different natural ingredients and combinations before we came up with the composition for our current products. We wanted to create natural skin care for the special needs and sensitive skin of “moms to be”, babies and kids. The products we are now offering are the result of our effort and dedication. Our plant active agents such as organic wild rose oil extract, wheat germ oil and vitamin E have soothing and protective properties; our products do not have any mineral oils. We decided to refrain from using essential oils as they contain many allergens. We also found they have too strong an impact on the young and tender skin of babies, kids and pregnant women. Instead we decided to use allergen free perfume oils to give our products the soft and gentle baby scent. Our diaper cream is totally scent free.

For our cleansing products we use plant washing agents. They do not make a lot of foam but are extremely gentle and mild for scalp and skin. Thus our Kiddy Soft Hair & Body Wash is also perfectly suited for adults with scalp irritations. I myself have suffered from them for many years till I developed and used my Kiddy Soft Hair & Body Wash. Since then dandruff, itching and irritations have been gone.

Our products are made from pure natural ingredients and designed to support and protect our skin. Our production process follows the guidelines for pharmaceutical products. Regular audits and a GMP certification for cosmetics ensure our high quality standards.

We are a boutique manufacturer and produce in small quantities. This and also the combination of ingredients in our products allow us to refrain from the use of traditional cosmetic preservatives. All our products have a shelf life of 30 months as long as unopened. After the first opening we recommend to use up our products within 6 months. This ensures the full effectiveness of the natural active agents on your skin.

Skin Reactions

Due to environmental influences our skin has generally become highly sensitive and many people react to all kinds of substances. Natural ingredients are no exception; they may also cause allergic reactions like any other substance.

Should you be aware of any allergies to certain substances, do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to let you know if our products contain such substance. Alternatively you may check the detailed list of ingredients for each of our products in the product description section under “ INCI.”

If you have an allergic reaction to any of our products, we will certainly take the product back and give you a full refund. Should you notice such reaction, kindly contact us immediately so that we can start the return process.

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