Natural Skin Care Products
For pregnant women, babies and toddlers

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We offer skin care with pure natural active ingredients for you during pregnancy, for your baby after birth, toddler’s and your own skin. All our products are also well suited for adults with sensitive skin.


Mama soft

Women and teenagers with sensitive skin find our Face & Body cream ideal for their daily care. Organic grape seed oil and vitamin E helps to regulate the skin’s natural hydrating properties. Our Body Oil absorbs into skin immediately and has a “velvet” effect. See all


Baby soft

Your baby‘s skin is well protected with our baby line. Diaper Cream for soothing babies’ bottom, Face Cream to protect face and hands from environmental effects, Bath Oil for gentle cleansing and Body Oil for gentle massage makes babies’ skin even softer. See all


Kiddy soft

Toddlers, kids and adults with scalp and skin issues or highly sensitive skin enjoy our mild and gentle Hair & Body Wash. Our Body Lotion is perfect for after shower or bath care hydrates and protects skin naturally. Ideal for the entire family. See all

Mama Soft Products

For mommies to be we have created a nourishing face & body cream and a gentle body oil.
It helps the skin stay hydrated and elastic.
For best results together apply daily during pregnancy.

Shine Products

Welcome to our new Shine skin care line
with nourishing organic grape seed oil and Argan oil for dry and mature skin.

Our Shine brightening products help pigment spots, ensuring an even skin tone.

Our Shine body lotion has been shown to increase skin hydration by at least 28%.

Baby Soft Products

Our baby and kiddy products protect and nourish baby and kiddy skin.
Diaper cream to soothe diaper rash for betterment of baby’s bottom.
Face cream to protect baby from wind, cold, dryness and pollution.
Bath oil for gentle cleansing, complemented by body oil after the bath.

Kiddy Soft Products

We’ve created recipes that are enriched with innovative natural agents and vitamins
to take magnificent care of our skin in all kinds of conditions.

Body lotion for tender protection and moisturizing of kid’s skin,
hair and body wash with palm extracts and aloe vera for gentle cleansing.

Suited for children and adults alike.

Maren Cosmetics

“Sea for the skin“

MAREN stands for innovative cosmetics
based on new, unique active ingredients from the sea.

Its effects are visible after a short treatment period,
for example, on acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis,
rosacea, wrinkles, cellulite
and many other skin-related problems.

Made with love for mothers, babies & kids


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