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Happiness coaching for women - working happily - your way
to your calling  

Fulfillment every day in what you do:  My offer supports women on their path to professional freedom Live your passion and become financially independent!


Ready for a job that fulfills you every day? My offer helps you determine your individual happiness factors in 3 simple steps. They are the key to success - what are you waiting for? 

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Welcome to Happiness Coaching! Here you are on the right path to making your professional dreams come true

My mission is to show women like you how to turn their passion into a fulfilling job, a  can transform into a successful business. My goal is to help you bring clarity and structure to the process of developing ideas. I have already been able to help many women follow their own successful path, and I would like to support you too! 

About me 

In my professional journey I have successfully broken new ground several times. These experiences have given me valuable insights into when and how certain steps should be taken to effectively work towards the desired goal. My focus is on using these insights to support women to follow their own path to career change and success.


My last white collar job brought me to the point of depression and physical health problems. In this extremely challenging situation, I decided to overcome my existential fear. I took the step, quit my job and used this crisis as an opportunity to develop my own method and start my first business. 

I see it as my life's mission to motivate and inspire women to pursue their path to a fulfilled, happy and free life with passion.

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