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About lalinda Skincare

“Your skin is our passion. Our products are made with the best of nature and with a lot of love. "


It is particularly important to us to use the best ingredients found in nature for our care products. We love skin and we always strive to offer YOUR skin new knowledge and formulas.

Our philosophy

The majestic nature of the Alps is our inspiration. Our skin deserves the best that nature has to offer. We only use pure plant extracts and flower essences such as roses, witch hazel, pure aloe vera, etc. The basis of our products is Austrian spring water from the mountains. Pure vegetable oils such as almond oil or jojoba oil make the skin elastic and soft.

Natural, renewable and biodegradable raw materials are the basis of our products. Our products are based on the latest dermatological findings in combination with medicinal plants that have been used for beauty care for centuries.

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We have already been awarded a "Sustainability Award" in 2018. This means we produce as sustainably as currently possible; we only develop packaging for the products themselves, we have NO outer packaging such as folding boxes, etc..  AND we are always looking for alternatives. We have just launched some of our products in a new bottle made of R-plastic (recycled plastic). We are continuing this process intensively. As soon as we have found a suitable packaging for on of our products made of recycled material, we test the compatibility and change over.

We have made the decision to not use trial packs at all. This is because they are usually small single use and, in our view, a waste of resources and create unnecessary waste.  

We love nature and its preservation is our life motto! Please dispose of our packaging "recycle-type-appropriately" when you have used up the contents. Thank you very much!


Thank you very much!

Linda Pichler 


Our history


When Linda was diagnosed with white skin cancer on the scalp, she began to experiment with a purely herbal and super mild shampoo - and so came up with the “beta version” of today's Kiddy Soft Shampoo. The more she dealt with herbal active ingredients, the more she became fascinated by the wealth of natural resources for our human skin. So she decided to create a skin care product that keeps our skin soft, soothes it when it is irritated, and takes excellent care of our skin in all possible situations. The result is lalinda natural skin care.


Since Linda herself grew up in the majestic nature of the European Alps, she set up production in the Alps. They provide crystal clear mountain spring water and many other pure ingredients for the lalinda products. Nature is our role model and our passion. We only use highly effective plant extracts and flower essences as active ingredients in our products. In 2018 lalinda was awarded for sustainable production according to the UN SDGs.


“I have the Mama Soft Stretch Marks Cream and I am absolutely thrilled. I'm not a fan of baby bump oils because they are too greasy for me, so I was looking for a good, natural cream. This cream from LaLinda smells wonderful, is quickly absorbed, is not sticky and although I have very sensitive skin, it feels very pleasant. Before using, I was slightly itchy from the stretching of the skin. Since the first application of the lalinda Mama Soft Cream, however, it has completely disappeared. I can recommend the product 100% and I will certainly try many other lalinda products. "


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