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The best of nature with a dash of science

Natural Skincare for delicate, 
sensitive and advanced skin


Nature is our role model

Kids & Family 
Mineral Sunscreen

non-nano zinc oxide | unscented | high protection spf30 | 100% natural 

Kids & Family Mineral Sunscreen with Hight Protection SPF 30 with INVISIBLE zinc. No whitening effect on your skin. High sun protection for the entire family, for face and body.  

Without chemical filters, easy to apply, waterproof and no fragrance.

Only 7 ingredients ensure 100% natural effectiveness.  

Waterproof sun protection 


Coral safe 


1 x 100ml |28,90 €

baby bump without stretch marks


This wonderful cream is a nutritive cream for growing tummies, it prevents and treats pregnancy stretchmarks. A Pregnancy moisturiser that increases skin hydration and soothes your skin, actively helping the skin to stay elastic. Developed with pure plant extracts, including organic oil from grape seeds. 100% safe for your baby.

Mama Soft

200ml | 33,50 €

Diaper Cream

Baby Soft

50ml |20.80 €

This purely natural formulation stops itching and irritations overnight, helping to keep your baby rash free. It protects and soothes with purely herbal ingredients and zinc, allowing baby skin to breath. Developed specifically with an unscented formula and organic wild rose oil, this cream is well suited for daily use to prevent rash or irritation.

Organic Brightening Serum

ORGANIC Brightening Serum for toning dark spots and irregular skin texture. The Shine ORGANIC Brightening Serum illuminates and tones skin, targets discolouration and dullness.


Formulates with Marine Extract (bio-technologicaly generated) to correct tome and dullness and to restore and brighten skin appearance.  


30ml |41,00 €


“My body has already been through a bit of pregnancy and unfortunately I never found the right care for my belly and thighs. It’s been a while since my pregnancies and the Mama soft cream actually helps me to get rid of the stretch marks! I wish I had known about it earlier…. Feels great on the skin, smells super pleasant, absorbs quickly and the most important thing: it works!”

Julia Pötsch
Owner Of

About Us

Our Philosophy

The magnificent surroundings of The Alps are both our role model and our source for pure mountain spring water. We believe our skin deserves the best that nature has to offer.

The Alps provide us with crystal clear mountain spring water and many other pure ingredients for our products. We only use gentle plant extracts and flower essences like rose, witch-hazel, pure aloe vera, etc. They have a caressing and hydrating effect on skin. Essential oils like almond oil or jojoba oil make skin elastic and soft.

Our products are cruelty-free, made from natural, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients. We are based on the latest dermatological findings, which we combine with ancient skin care recipes and pure herbal essences. They are free from mineral oils, parabens, silicones, sulphates, microplastics, PEG-emulsifiers. We do not use essential oils as they are often irritating for delicate skin. 



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